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  • Silicone products used for a long time will cause a little surface permeability, which is due to silica gel formula containing silicone oil, which is normal, please wipe gently with a towel, and brush a little baby powder on the doll.

  • Maintenance: First dipped in warm water with a sponge or towel, gently wipe the surface of the doll. Do not use with corrosive cleaning agents including strong acid, strong alkaline solution, such as a strong disinfectant and detergent. You can use soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, body wash or mild detergent and other cleaning materials.

  • Don't keep the doll in a bended state for a long time. The surface will appear wrinkled because of the posture, such as prolonged sitting on a chair, the dolls may be pressed out of the abdomen. Silicone itself has resilience, please hang the doll model when not in use. This will reduce the force on each of the joints allowing the wrinkles to disappear.

  • Dolls with make-up, the use of silicone coatings, generally easy to fall off, but do not force clean, especially the eyebrows, eyelashes and facial make-up. Note that when wiping the face, use extra caution. If excessive force applies, it will result in hair loss and discoloration of the General Assembly.

  • Dolls can be used for the general make-up cosmetics such as lipstick, blush, etc., but please do not use too thick ointment like face painting,

  • Silicone damage repair: Apply talcum powder into the damage area of the doll. Hold the damaged area together for 1 minute, so that the talcum powder sticks together. Next, apply a small amount of talcum powder on top of the damaged surface. Let the talcum powder dry.  




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