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Dollhouse of Pleasure [DHoP] is founded by two blokes - Stan and Keith. We are an online retailer. Our aim is to offer competitive and affordable prices on top quality realistic silicone sex dolls. We hope that your shopping experience with us is a memorable one when you purchase one of our life-like dolls. 
We take pride in the dolls that we sell. We only sell authentic quality dolls from the best sex doll manufacturers. The dolls that we carry are crafted with quality TPE and medical grade silicone. We have managed to build strong partnership with WMDoll, YL Doll, PiperDoll, JYDoll, Climax Doll and we are adding more to our portfolio soon. :) As a guarantee, we offer price match of all of our dolls. 
We understand that your privacy is the utmost important, that is why we provide FREE discreet shipping to all of our customers. We distribute worldwide via FedEx and DHL.
We know that a realistic sex doll is an expensive purchase and we would encourage you to do your research and learn more about how to avoid scammers. We have a great team and aim to grow our business, offering our customers the best realistic sex dolls available and making their dreams come true. 
If you don't find the sexy sex doll that you are looking for or you want to create your own dream doll, just let us know. We can customize and build your doll, for both men and women.
If you have any questions about our real love dolls or would like to learn more about our products, please let us know. You can contact us at info@dollhouseofpleasure.com
Stan & Keith. 
email: info@dollhouseofpleasure.com

Looking for the finest Realistic Sex Doll? Dollhouse of Pleasure has a wide variety of quality beautiful sexy dolls that are  affordable. Ranging from TPE to full silicone dolls, we've got you covered.  Browse our dolls to inspire and impress.

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email: info@dollhouseofpleasure.com

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