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Bring Lumi Dolls "Europe's First Sex Doll Brothel" experience home

Lumi Dolls in Barcelona has opened Europe's FIRST Sex Doll brothel, charging customer a whooping £100 an hour for sex with silicone / tpe sex dolls.

At the moment, Lumi Dolls feature 4 different female sex dolls, where client can choose how the doll can be dressed up to fulfill their wildest fantasies.

The dolls which Lumi Dolls have is the WDoll 170cm H-Cup Super Curvy Doll, the very popular WMDoll 160cm Big Ass Doll, WMDoll 168cm A-cup doll and WMDoll 165cm D-cup doll.

You know what? Lumi Doll has claimed that each doll cost £4,300, but we, at Dollhouse of Pleasure knows better.

Having sex at Europe's First Sex Doll is an experience, but you can re-create the experience right at home with your very own doll. Why share when you can have her all to yourself. Plus, you can get it half the price of what Lumi Doll has claimed.

If you are looking for the exact same dolls being pimped out at Lumi Dolls, do check out:

1. WM 170cm H-cup Super Curvy Sex doll

Our genuine WMDoll 170cm super busty and curvy doll is one of the latest collection. These dolls feature a delicious H-cup size boobs and juicy squeezable bum and sexy slim waist.


2. WMDoll 160cm Voluptuous D-cup TPE Doll

Another super famous doll from WMDoll is the 160cm wide hips round ass dolls. This doll has been so popular that WMDoll is having trouble fulfilling their orders in January/February. Production has improved since. So do not worry if you plan to purchased your 160cm doll, the lead time has been reduced from 1.5 months wait to slightly under a month.

3. WMDoll 165cm D-Cup Sexy Love Doll

The WMDoll 165cm feature a sexy slim and slender body. Dolls from his collection has squeezable D-cup boobs, slim waist and nice bum. :)

We also offer you to customize your choice of doll with no extra cost. You can customize her eyes color, wig, skin tone, nipple color, nipple size, finger nail color, toe nail color, pubic hair, labia color.

Lumi Dolls is the pioneer in this industry and we are interested to see how this industry will pen out. Who knows what's next!

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